[rescue] FS: Sun/SGI collection in Toronto, Canada

Rodito Buan II rodito at acdlabs.com
Tue Apr 27 09:35:57 CDT 2004

Hello Fellow list members..

Due to my recent move in my new home. I can no longer have my toys so it
needs to go, please contact me at jeff at buantel.com

I would like to sell all my collection to fellow list member here.
Preferrably local pickup.

The list of computers/equipment will include the following for best offer..
If I don't get any offers by the end of the week it will be listed at ebay.

SGI stuff
2 x SGI Indigo with 1 proprietory keyboard and mouse
	- One indigo is working fine other is for parts
3 x SGI Indigo 2 All of them are working, comes with memory, HD.. One has
tape drive and all of them uses regular PS/2 kb and mouse
1 x SGI Indy works ok, comes with Indy camera and uses regular PS/2 kb and

Sun stuff
1 x Sun Ultra 30 300MHz Ultrasparc... Comes 256RAM, 15GB HD, SunPC, very
good condition
1 x Sun Ultra 2 Enterprise with 2 CPU's, 128RAM, 15GB HD, very good
2 x Sun SS10 works ok
1 x Sun SS20 parts comes with MB
1 x Sun SS2 works ok
1 x Sun LX works ok
1 x Sun SS5 for parts comes with MB
2 x Sun SS4 works ok

2 x 19" Sun monitor
1 x 17" Sun monitor

Dec parts
1 x DEC Multia for parts, it was working before it shorted, can't seem to
find the culprit

I will include a whole bunch of sun and sgi training book, cdroms from SGI,
and Sun with SunOS 4... Etc. etc..

I have a whole bunch of sun keyboard and mouse, external scsi Cdrom and
external HD cages/packs that I will include too.


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