[rescue] Cheapest Cray?

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Tue Apr 27 08:19:37 CDT 2004

Bjvrn Ramqvist wrote:

> Jochen Kunz wrote:
>> The http://www.cray-cyber.org/ project has a Y-MP EL98 up 24/7. Other
>> machines like the CDC Cyber 960 are up on Saturday only due to the
>> immense power requirements. (20 kW minimum for the 960.) You can get
>> logins on the machines.
> --> http://static.cray-cyber.org/General/LARGE/Cyber_860_Backplane.JPG
> 20kW for 2.5MFLOPS... That's... wow.

I havent played with a Cyber that modern. 860, that is what, 1986? My 
first contact with a computer in the 70s was with the Cyber. I think it 
was called the Cyber 60. I tought it was extremely cool to work on it 
and play chess, all from the comfort of home, but then again, I was only 
8 :)

The cyber 60 was pulled out of the UQAM (Universiti du Quibec ` 
Montrial) Phillips Square building (which held Mathematics and later 
Computer Science) in the mid 90s, and they had to destroy part of an 
outside wall to take it out (with a crane!). I dont know what happened 
to it, nor to the Cray, Vax and PDPs they had in that building (and 
others I didn't know about).

Hmmm... 20 kW. I tought I'd be ok with a 7.5 kW UPS. Maybe it's not too 
late, I haven't wired it up yet... :)


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