[rescue] SGI, Origin 200, and speed?

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Tue Apr 27 07:43:32 CDT 2004


Tuesday, April 27, 2004, 9:55:52 AM, you wrote:

> Ewww. They are even different architecture: IP27 O200 <=> IP30 Octane.

  I guess IP30 is even more stripped down capability wise from the
  basic O2000 architecture.

> So, are the O200 CPU modules the same as in the O2000 as the O2000 is
> IP27 too?

  No, I think there are no CPU modules on the O2000 nodeboards. I
  currently can't find pictures to verify that but I think it was
  intended that CPU upgrades are done as a board swap. On Octane and
  O200 the CPUs in contrast to that were intended to be field
  replaceable units.

  Also note that while O200 and all O2000 are IP27 to the software
  there are differences on implementation level:

  HW IP   SW IP   Model
  -----   -----   -------------------- 
  IP27    IP27    Origin 2000, Onyx 2
  IP29    IP27    Origin 200
  IP31    IP27    Origin 2000, Onyx 2 (>= R10000/250)

  A similar thing is happening currently with IP35. Full IP number
  list is available on my page

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