[rescue] SGI, Origin 200, and speed?

James Braid jamesb at loreland.org
Mon Apr 26 19:25:58 CDT 2004

On 27/04/2004, at 10:22 AM, Micah R L wrote:
> Joshua Boyd wrote:
>> Upgrading from a single to a dual processor Origin200 is usually
>> considered a forklift upgrade.  Technically a motherboard swap should 
>> do
>> it.  I don't believe it is as simple as a CPU module swap.  It 
>> certainly
>> isn't a case of just popping in a second CPU the way PCs are.
> Hmm. Is this true of upgrading the CPU itself, as well? For example, if
> I bought a dual 225MHz system, is it possible to upgrade the CPUs to
> something higher (what's the fastest speed CPU you can put in there, by
> the way? I saw a dual 270MHz system at 520$ and no bids.)

The fastest Origin 200 I know of is dual 360Mhz R12K ... we had a 
couple as file and database servers at $work-2.

I dont know if it is 'supported' by SGI, but you can normally upgrade 
CPU speeds at least by just replacing the CPU modules ... not sure 
about going from single to dual.

CrayLink cables are available fairly easily and cheaply on ebay most of 
the time. I managed to pick up 2x dual 180Mhz machines for $99 each, 
and the CrayLink cable for about $20.

BTW, if anyone has a Origin 200 system in production, check out SGI's 
remarketed deals, they have a offer for a $7.5K trade up discount to a 
Origin 300 for a 2p system or a $15K discount for a 4p system.

Cheers, James

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