[rescue] SGI, Origin 200, and speed?

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Mon Apr 26 17:22:41 CDT 2004

Joshua Boyd wrote:

> Upgrading from a single to a dual processor Origin200 is usually
>considered a forklift upgrade.  Technically a motherboard swap should do
>it.  I don't believe it is as simple as a CPU module swap.  It certainly
>isn't a case of just popping in a second CPU the way PCs are.

Hmm. Is this true of upgrading the CPU itself, as well? For example, if
I bought a dual 225MHz system, is it possible to upgrade the CPUs to
something higher (what's the fastest speed CPU you can put in there, by
the way? I saw a dual 270MHz system at 520$ and no bids.)

>If fast, if I could, I'd for the $300 deal you mention, even if I
>couldn't cray link the two machines together.

I emailed and asked if they're open for bargains, and made an offer on
two of the dual proc configs they had up on eBay (didn't have a second
dual proc config up last time I checked), so we'll see if they'll even
look at me trying to haggle them down ;).

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