[rescue] Re: [geeks] FS: Odd Bits before I go off to TCF

ssandau at gwi.net ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Apr 26 16:54:43 CDT 2004

>>>> 1x Really long Sun HD case (like 8" x 8" x 24") - Odd SCSI connector, IIRC
>>>"Really long Sun HD case"?  Can you be a bit more specific?  Are you
>>>talking about a 711 MultiPack?
>>Sounds more like the external SCSI enclosure to go with the 386i - room for
>>a full-height 5 1/4" drive and a tape drive, and a DB50 3-row SCSI connector
>>on the back...
> AKA the "P-box".  They had one closed faceplate with (inadequate)  
> ventilation slits, and one open one (though it could be closed off with a 
> blocking plate).  The side panel came off with a really big flathead 
> screw, if I remember correctly.  They matched the 386i in design.  Cooling 
> was ok for the time but not great for modern hot drives, and I wouldn't 
> trust the cabling at high speeds.

I have a few of those, and in fact attaching them to a "modern" SCSI 
chain has broken it altogether. I don't know whether it was the external 
cable I had (only had one Sun<->Centronics cable) or the box itself, but 
  putting my tape drive in one of those and putting it on a SPARC's 
external SCSI chain made the drives just disappear...

Rugged, useful things for older disks and 1/4" tape drives. But kinda 
overkill for a couple of 1/3 height 3-1/2" disks.


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