[rescue] CDRAX7-H2

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Mon Apr 26 16:13:06 CDT 2004

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Kevin wrote:
> Are these types of things (large CDROM servers) still
> produced/sold? I would imaging that the advent of relatively
> cheap drive space would cause CDROM servers to go by the way
> side, or do they have a use that i am overlooking?

How about ripping of multiple audio cds?

Yesterday I pulled the 4-disc CDROM changer from my mothballed original
in-car MP3 player from years back to see if I could use it for unattended
ripping in batches.  The drive is only 4X, and rips at something less
than 1X, which I don't necessarily consider a problem, but I'm running
into a slight snag.  Disc selection is accomplished using the eject
command (eject -c 2 cdrom) but apparently I'm missing some sort of
step that tells the system the media has changed.  Mounting data
discs after the eject command works as expected, but cdparanoia
insists on reading the TOC of the disc in slot 0 regardless of
which slot is selected.  When I tell cdparanoia to start ripping,
it rips the correct disc but still using the TOC of the first slot.
This is an IDE drive under linux.  (I think a SCSI drive will present
multiple LUNs, right?)  Any suggestions on how to fake an insert
event or re-scan the drive?  I scanned most of my CD collection
several years back when disk was more expensive and would like to
do so again at a higher bitrate if I can do it without too much
effort.  It took stupid amounts of time and effort last time, but
I've been playing with some tools that make it easy now except
for how frequently I have to feed it discs.


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