[rescue] SGI, Origin 200, and speed?

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Mon Apr 26 16:07:07 CDT 2004

Sometime in the past month we were talking about SGI speed and how a 
195MHz something was way slower than a 195MHz something-else ... I can't 
find it in the archives (lordy, we put a lot of mail through here). 
Anyone have a link?

I've been looking at an Origin 200s in the Austin area on eBay that I 
might buy. Does the above mentioned discussion pertain to Origin 200s? 
Should I know anything about them before I purchase one? I can get a 
dual processor 225MHz one for 200$, but there's no shipping, and buying 
a 195MHz one for 99$ + 60$ shipping from Andover doesn't seem to be that 
much better. I also might try to bargain them down to their dual225MHz 
unit + their single225MHz unit for 300$, local pickup, and then Craylink 
em when I get another 225MHz proc in there. Good idea/bad idea? Price ok?

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