[rescue] CDRAX7-H2

William G. Gruesbeck bgruesbeck at daysys.com
Mon Apr 26 16:02:35 CDT 2004

Kevin wrote:

>Are these types of things (large CDROM servers) still
>produced/sold? I would imaging that the advent of relatively
>cheap drive space would cause CDROM servers to go by the way
>side, or do they have a use that i am overlooking?
To be honest I'm not really certain, but I believe that they are. I know 
for a fact that most of the hospitals in the area have at least one or 
two of them in use. But outside of the hospitals where I've worked I 
haven't seen them in use. But I know they have to be out there.

William G. Gruesbeck Jr.

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