[rescue] Re: Cheapest Cray?

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Apr 26 15:10:34 CDT 2004

Bill said:

Say I want to restart my computer collection.

Dave, what's the "cheapest, easiest, and smallest" Cray to obtain and
run and muck about with at home?  EL98?

I guess you could toss a CS6400 in there, but other than a few list members
here, they're unobtanium... 8-(

Also, we'd love to hear any Cray-related stories.

---------------------<end quote>---------------------

I'd argue that the cheapest Cray systems these days would be an SGI Origin 
2000 or a Sun E10k (both of which are getting down towards hobbiest prices). 
They may not have Cray badges or run UNICOS, but the engineering influence 
is undeniable.



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