[rescue] Mozilla Firefox

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Mon Apr 26 13:20:59 CDT 2004

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> I doubt that.  Not all of Mozilla is written in the XUL stuff.

And not all of Java is slow.  Mozilla is DOG slow on most of the
machines I run it on.

> What I can't figure out is why such serious problems exist with little
> noise about them.

Do you read online web comics?  The recent thread of "User Friendly" is
particularly disgusting.

> > And, at least we know Java's GC works.
> Do we?

It works for me.

> If it works, then it must be improperly written code in the libraries
> that seems to make Java programs leak/eat memory.
> No thanks.

The JVM will not leak more memory than you allocate to it.  It will also
not typically GC until it gets close to that limit (for performance
reasons).  Obviously, you can use a different GC strategy.

I think you're being bitten by the atypical shit Java that Sun and IBM
and Oracle put out in ther system-management software.  And, of course
you can make memory that's impossible to GC.  Just create a bunch of
circular references that are more levels deep than the garbage collector
is instructed to search, and you can eat up memory all day.

> I wish something like NeXT had taken off instead of most of what we have
> now.

They did.  It's called "OS X", and its market share is growing.

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