[rescue] CDRAX7-H2

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Apr 26 11:10:06 CDT 2004

>CDRAX7-H2 - HYPER-CD module 7 x 53X drives
>ftp://ftp.procom.com/CD%20Towers/CDRax/ ;-)
>-- Thomas

Thanks, the effort is much appreciated...

These are the docs I've already seen, for the next generation version of
the gadget.  Close, but not quite.  The difference starts in the "SCSI
Select" and "Other Software" switch on the back by the Centronics SCSI
connectors.  This dingus doesn't have one.  Also, there's no real technical
information in there, just how to bolt the thing together in their
pre-planned rack configurations.

Looks like I need to narrow this down to what OS support is available for
the "procom smart SCSI CD board."  Looks like just a LUN generator, at
first blush.  All the problems are coming from that dead hard disk inside,
I suspect.  Maybe I can swap the bubble off onto another controller board?
Hmmmm.....(Looks for Torx).

wes will

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