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> Thanks, they are cheaper than a lot.  Have to investigate.
> However:
> 4-way case is $114.  I still think that's expensive for what is
> (probably) a stripped down vanilla PC case with a generic $10 power
> supply.

Depends, add the cost of 4 single drive cases and 4 cables, and it might be reasonable.

I've bought many cases that look just like these, and have been very happy with the build/quality of them - now these may be different, but I can bet the actual cases are very good.

I really like my (similar) dual 3 1/2" Firewire case - shove two low cost 80 Gig HDs in them for low-cost Mac PowerBook backup storage...
> Also notable is they don't sell mobile racks for SCSI.  I suppose that's
> what SCA is for, but SCA backplanes/cases are expensive.

cold-swap drive trays are poor sellers in my exp. most folks like the idea of them, but (almost) never buy them... Once you power-down the case to remove a drive, you might just as well take a screwdriver to it and manually remove the drive, rather than spend $$ per drive for a convienience...
> Now the 8-bay for $128 is unusual.  Most of the time going to the big
> ones puts you well north of $200.  Another 8-bay enclosure is
> cheaper, but it isn't clear what it is.
> None of the cases have good views so you can see them inside and on the
> back.

Welcome to the world of low-end sales - you pays your money, and you takes your chances...

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