[rescue] CDRAX7-H2

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Mon Apr 26 09:54:49 CDT 2004

Wes Will wrote:

>I am soliciting any information to aid in returning a few pieces of old
>hardware to service.  The part in question at the moment is a "Procom
>CDRAX7-H2" 7 cd-rom drive array in a nice dual-powered rack-mount case.
>$22 plus shipping, and since it's a heavy bugger, that was $45.  I figured
>for that I at least got 7 32X CD's, the case, and some nice fans.
CDRAX7-H2 - HYPER-CD module 7 x 53X drives

>The Google is singularly un-forth-coming,  and so is the manufacturer's web
>site, which only has more recent versions of this thing ("CDRAX14"-series,
>What I know is limited.  Seven drives, and an eighth spot for some control.
> There is a SCSI id selector on that eighth bay where the power and such
>lights reside.  It selects the id for the array, apparently.
>It has some sort of oddball controller internally, with two hard disk
>drives - one 2G and the other 4G; the 2G drive has shot craps.  I have
>mounted another similar drive in the space, and the alarm which was
>sounding at power-up can now be reset/silenced without taping the button
>down.  This is a big help already....such a noisy little beastie.  I
>suspect some sort of firmware that I don't have needs to be loaded into the
>Does anyone know if this is a generic RAID device, or part of an odd and
>proprietary storage gadget, as it seems from what I can find about the
>newer models?  Can I plug it in and drive it with something?  Or do I need
>to keep searching for more bits?
>I have it powered up and plugged into a scsi b-channel on a spare (garbage)
>box, and the OS (Linux) sees the first CD.  It is mountable, and works just
>fine.  The other six, however, don't exist.  It scans all LUN's; it only
>finds the first one, set at the SCSI id on the wheel selector for the
>entire box.  Each CD has a unique ID within the array, I checked that
>before powering it on.
>Opinions?  Assistance?  Manuals?  Experiences?  
>Do I have another boat anchor here?
ftp://ftp.procom.com/CD%20Towers/CDRax/ ;-)

-- Thomas

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