[rescue] CDRAX7-H2

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Apr 26 09:44:48 CDT 2004

I am soliciting any information to aid in returning a few pieces of old
hardware to service.  The part in question at the moment is a "Procom
CDRAX7-H2" 7 cd-rom drive array in a nice dual-powered rack-mount case.
$22 plus shipping, and since it's a heavy bugger, that was $45.  I figured
for that I at least got 7 32X CD's, the case, and some nice fans.

The Google is singularly un-forth-coming,  and so is the manufacturer's web
site, which only has more recent versions of this thing ("CDRAX14"-series,

What I know is limited.  Seven drives, and an eighth spot for some control.
 There is a SCSI id selector on that eighth bay where the power and such
lights reside.  It selects the id for the array, apparently.

It has some sort of oddball controller internally, with two hard disk
drives - one 2G and the other 4G; the 2G drive has shot craps.  I have
mounted another similar drive in the space, and the alarm which was
sounding at power-up can now be reset/silenced without taping the button
down.  This is a big help already....such a noisy little beastie.  I
suspect some sort of firmware that I don't have needs to be loaded into the

Does anyone know if this is a generic RAID device, or part of an odd and
proprietary storage gadget, as it seems from what I can find about the
newer models?  Can I plug it in and drive it with something?  Or do I need
to keep searching for more bits?

I have it powered up and plugged into a scsi b-channel on a spare (garbage)
box, and the OS (Linux) sees the first CD.  It is mountable, and works just
fine.  The other six, however, don't exist.  It scans all LUN's; it only
finds the first one, set at the SCSI id on the wheel selector for the
entire box.  Each CD has a unique ID within the array, I checked that
before powering it on.

Opinions?  Assistance?  Manuals?  Experiences?  

Do I have another boat anchor here?

Wes Will
Espacionaute Spiff domine!

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