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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at
Sat Apr 24 13:27:13 CDT 2004

Sat, 24 Apr 2004 @ 13:17 -0400, Tim H. said:

> then so are good servers of any brand.  I think SATA for Hard drives and
> regular UDMA IDE for the various removable media drives is fine for a PC
> desktop.

...although, I find that IDE is often a limit even for a desktop.

Heavy I/O pressure, even on new drives, can put quite a load on the

I still prefer SCSI... it's just that it costs so much more than IDE.

> If your server is smaller than justifies Ultra320, well, fine, then
> don't buy a new box.  A good caching Ultra2 SCSI controller isn't all
> that pricey, and you can probably even find an AlphaServer 800 or
> something with hot swap bays for cheap in that category.

True.  Sometimes you can get a decent server with enough drive slots for
a RAID cheaper than you can get a SCSI enclosure.

I've been looking for a decent wide-scsi case for a year now but all of
them are more pricey than I can handle.

I'd love to have a Sun 711 or something like that.  Most SCSI enclosures
aren't just expensive: they are also too bulky.

I've been tempted to hack a Sun 911 case to handle wide scsi and newer
drives.  I'm just not sure you can evacuate air fast enough in one of

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