[rescue] Getting an OS on an IRIS Indigo?

Gerhard Lenerz mail at g-lenerz.de
Sat Apr 24 01:58:33 CDT 2004


Saturday, April 24, 2004, 5:07:00 AM, you wrote:

> Not true.  You just need a CDROM reader that understand 512B blocks.
> An old Sun CD reader will work, and so will newer Plextors, among 
> others.

  I'd go with a Plextor (and I actually do). Any other new drive that
  can be set to 512b block size should be fine too.

> Irix CDs burned from images will work - as long as your images are 
> good.  If the image doesn't contain the entire original raw device, it 
> won't contain slice info, and won't have the installation tools.

  And it must be an EFS CD (a 1:1 copy from one is ok) and not one
  thats something else that just happens to have all the files on it.

>> I've tried this guide: 
>> http://obsolete.majix.org/irix/install-network-via-linux.shtml 
>> recently, and when I try to install stuff from the SGI end I get:
>> ---
>> Setting $netaddr to (from server #from the 
>> dhcp server on the server
>> Error 7 while loading 
>> network(0)bootp()

  I remember that error, got it as well as I tried to set up my

> I'm pretty sure network installs are only supported by receiving boot
> info from another SGI.  I could be wrong.  Jonathan?

  Nope, no problem booting from other platforms. It doesn't require
  anything real special. A DHCP server is fine for assigning it's IP
  address and then I think it needs tftp to boot. There lies the
  trouble with the error message above - something is just not right
  there. For the rest of the procedure it uses rcp which surprised me
  a bit but isn't really a problem to set up if you've got the machine
  as far as starting the installer.

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