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ghub005 ghub005 at
Sat Apr 24 00:09:15 CDT 2004

Eric said:

Switched FC-AL???

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Yes - you can buy FC-AL switches from a number of different  vendors e.g. 
Brocade, McData, Cisco, Emulex and others. They've been on the market since 
the late nineties.

If on the other hand you're wondering why I used an older loop based name 
like 'FC-AL' to refer to a switched SAN topology, every link between the 
switch and the HBA is a loop. The terms 'fibre channel switch' and 'FC-AL 
switch' are the same thing.

Incidentally, if you don't want to shell out for a switched network, you can 
pick up used FC-AL hubs for $40 to $50 or less these days. They're basically 



P.S. I'm a digest subscriber - please excuse my post if this has already been 

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