[rescue] IBM RS6000 43P-140

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat Apr 24 00:12:22 CDT 2004

On Saturday 24 April 2004 12:15 am, Thomas Gallaway wrote:
> I am getting a F30 error now. I put in some ram out of a dell server
> that was within the specs
> of memory. Maybe it's not the right ram. But could find no reference to
> a F30 error. Googling
> for it will not bring anything up either that's usefull.

Damn, I was going to tell you to get the service / user's guide manuals from 
IBM's hardware doc library, but it looks like they removed links to the older 
stuff.  (Used to be at www.rs6000.ibm.com -> Library -> Hardware 

This book is your friend (see chapter 30):

If you need the service guide, I (or one of the other guys here) can probably 
email it to you.


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