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ghub005 ghub005 at
Fri Apr 23 23:24:25 CDT 2004

Pat said:

For the money and reliability and expandability (but not power usage), 
I'd go with used FC gear.

------------------<end quote>------------------

While this is still on topic, I'd like to point out that FC-AL is simply a framing 
protocol. It isn't restricted to framing SCSI, even if this is what 99% of people 
use it for.

You can run other comms protocols through your FC-AL network if your HBAs 
will support it. One especially neat trick is to run IP over FC-AL. Qlogic 
recently released updated firmware for the QLA22xx cards that will support IP 
over FC-AL and Sun provides Solaris packages that will enable it.

It is an especially useful trick if you have SBus based Sun systems like the 
Ex500 machines (which have FC-AL HBAs built in, and for which it is hard & 
expensive to get GigE cards).

Now that 1Gb kit is basically worthless[1] on the secondary markets, you can 
set up a fully switched FC-AL network at home for a fairly small investment.



[1] I bought a Dell 56f switch (a rebranded 16 port Brocade 2800) that was 
fully populated with HSSDC & optical GBICs and had a zoning license for 
about $600USD the other day. Throw in $50 each for some single-ported PCI 
Qlogic HBAs and you're ready to "start cooking with gas".

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