[rescue] Getting an OS on an IRIS Indigo?

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Fri Apr 23 22:07:00 CDT 2004

On Apr 23, 2004, at 10:42 PM, Micah R L wrote:
> My understanding is that these don't boot from external CDROM drives, 
> though I tried it anyway - didn't work. I was using a burned cd in an 
> Apple CD 600e, thought - is that the problem, or will it just not boot 
> from an external disc?

Not true.  You just need a CDROM reader that understand 512B blocks.  
An old Sun CD reader will work, and so will newer Plextors, among 

Irix CDs burned from images will work - as long as your images are 
good.  If the image doesn't contain the entire original raw device, it 
won't contain slice info, and won't have the installation tools.

> I've been told that IRIX 6.5.x will work with this machine - is this 
> true?

True.  However, you may find it to be quite slow.  I've put 6.5 on it, 
and it runs fine for headless operations, but slow when you try to use 
it as a graphical workstation.  5.3 runs *well* on these though.

> I've tried this guide: 
> http://obsolete.majix.org/irix/install-network-via-linux.shtml 
> recently, and when I try to install stuff from the SGI end I get:
> ---
> Setting $netaddr to (from server #from the 
> dhcp server on the server
> Error 7 while loading 
> network(0)bootp()
> How can I get this guy running? I think it would be easiest if I had 
> another IRIX machine from which to server the installation, but this 
> is the only SGI machine that I own.

I'm pretty sure network installs are only supported by receiving boot 
info from another SGI.  I could be wrong.  Jonathan?

Kurt Huhn
kurt at k-huhn.com

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