[rescue] DG Aviion 8500+

D.A. Muran-de Assereto dmuran at tuad.org
Fri Apr 23 17:25:25 CDT 2004

Just rescued a DG Aviion 8500+ with the assistance of Tom Gallaway. Looks like 
it might be a nice machine, but there's very little information about it 
available on the net.
It's currently configured with 4xM Motorola 88100s, 512MB of RAM, and a couple 
of IO boards, including external 4 external differential SCSI ports. THe box 
has no disk, which means no OS. Best I can determine is that it will only run 
DG/UX; anyone have any pointers to where I might find a copy?

Smoke check is tomorrow, since I have commitments tonight. Wish me luck.

Aude Sapere!

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