[rescue] Looking for amdahl software media and info.

Martin Wedel geeks at xsintrk.net
Fri Apr 23 15:18:10 CDT 2004

Hi guys,
      I was given an Amdahl cluster of 3 LVS 4500 arrays from work. I made
a ghost image of the original management computer that has the
configuration software, so I can configure it that way if needed. I'm
curious though if anyone happens to have the original install media for
the A+LVS software. Also, does anyone here have experience working with
these units? Specifically in 'resetting' the battery life counter so
that the cache can be re-enabled? I've put rebuild battery packs in, but
I'm not sure if there was a rom that Amdahl would replace or a secret
handshake to get things right again.

I'm also hoping that once configured these arrays will run without issue
   on a solaris box and/or a HP-UX box. Although I can't see why it would
make much difference to the OS, as the controllers would present it as
one big disk to the system, I've seen stranger things.

I would also like to thank the person that recommended Western Backup
Solutions to me previously. I had a Storagetek 9710 with some inop DLT7K
drives that had sticking shuttles and other various issues. They got me
back up and running for around 400$ a drive, with a 1 year warranty. I
highly recommend them. http://westernbackupsolutions.site.yahoo.net/

Thanks for your time!


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