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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Fri Apr 23 12:56:42 CDT 2004

Dave McGuire declared on Friday 23 April 2004 12:46 pm:
> On Apr 23, 2004, at 1:40 PM, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> >> Have you tried looking for a surplus 3480?
> >
> > What pisses me off is I had one two years ago, but didn't have
> > space, so
> > I ended up selling the drives on ebay.  I haven't seen them a whole
> > lot surplus, except for that one.  Anyways, it seems I can get a PCI
> > card for $280 or so via a reseller, and they show up every couple
> > months for about $150 or so, which is probably cheaper than scrap
> > value on a 3480 controller + drive pair.
> >
> > On the other hand, if someone knew of a 3480 or 3490 I could get for
> > a reasonable price, I'd be open to getting one.
>    I have a SCSI 3480 drive on my file server.  If you need stuff read
> or written, let me know, but I'm not interested in parting with the
> drive.
>         -Dave

I was a bit shocked at how much they seem to go for on ebay.  Anyways, 
we've got a 3490 SCSI drive and 3480 + 3490 drive on an S/390 I might be 
able to get someone to write a tape on for me.  As long as I'm working 
at Purdue, this shouldn't be a problem.

Still, It seems like the PCI (or MCA or whatever) card is going to be 
more useful for me until I can get the thing set up in a real location.  
I'm trying to work on that right now.

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