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Eric Dittman dittman at
Fri Apr 23 12:44:53 CDT 2004

>    We're talking about technical merits, not cheapness.  And besides, 
> not many of us need gigabit speeds on our home networks...and if we're 
> talking about work networks, I'd think, ideally, it's the network 
> designer's job to beg enough budget to do it correctly.  I'm aware that 
> there are very cost-sensitive (read: CHEAP SUIT BASTARDS) 
> installations...that's why Ethernet exists.

Most of the problems with Ethernet have been addressed by Gigabit Ethernet.
The price and performance is good, I've found autonegotiation problems seem
to have been solved, it can use Cat5 wiring that's already in place, there
are a lot of vendors making equipment, etc.

Saying modern Ethernet sucks because older Ethernet sucks is like saying
U3W SCSI sucks because SASI sucked.

I think using gigabit speeds on a home network makes sense as long as there's
not a universal filesystem and locking method for all the different operating
systems that are available.
Eric Dittman
dittman at

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