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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Fri Apr 23 12:40:53 CDT 2004

Eric Dittman declared on Friday 23 April 2004 11:58 am:
> > Hmm, must have missed this question.  I've got different subnets,
> > and was trying to use a DEC PCI FDDI card in a machine to route
> > between them, but discovered (unsuprisingly) that the Linux driver
> > for that is horribly broken.  I might get an SK card to try that
> > with, as it should work better.
> The Linux DEFPA driver works quite well.  What doesn't work well in
> Linux is bridging FDDI and Ethernet.  I used the DEFPAs in my Linux
> box without any problems until I upgraded to GigE.

What kernel version?  I had lots of problems using it with 2.6.x.  Also, 
it wasn't directly bridged, I was using 

> > Yeah, it's not yet running, but it's getting closer.  I've got DASD
> > (disk) for it now, and all I need is something I can boot from.  I'm
> > looking at getting an ESCON channel card for some machine.  PCI ones
> > seem easy to come by, but an MCA one would be better/cheaper/more
> > fun.
> Have you tried looking for a surplus 3480?

What pisses me off is I had one two years ago, but didn't have space, so 
I ended up selling the drives on ebay.  I haven't seen them a whole lot 
surplus, except for that one.  Anyways, it seems I can get a PCI card 
for $280 or so via a reseller, and they show up every couple months for 
about $150 or so, which is probably cheaper than scrap value on a 3480 
controller + drive pair.

On the other hand, if someone knew of a 3480 or 3490 I could get for a 
reasonable price, I'd be open to getting one.

I still don't have any media, though I might be able to get a tape 
written at work for this.

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