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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Fri Apr 23 11:22:23 CDT 2004

On Friday 23 April 2004 10:15, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Apr 23, 2004, at 10:14 AM, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> >> <set mode=$home>
> >> FDDI (and it's slower friend, Token Ring) are fun, but not useful
> >> for $work_stuff.   At home, however, I've got a FDDI network (aka
> >> how to push 100Mbit/s out of a MCA RS/6000) and a TR one (S/390
> >> console).
> >
> > Do you also use FastE at home?  If so how do you route between
> > them?

Yep, I've got FastE on everything that has PCI or SBUS at home, and 
10Mbit on just about everything else, connected via a crappy SMC 10/100 
switch.  Unglamorous, but it Works.

Hmm, must have missed this question.  I've got different subnets, and 
was trying to use a DEC PCI FDDI card in a machine to route between 
them, but discovered (unsuprisingly) that the Linux driver for that is 
horribly broken.  I might get an SK card to try that with, as it should 
work better.

I've got a single 10/100 MCA card, which I might shove in an AIX box to 
use as a router.

So far, I don't have the TokenRing bridged to ethernet.  All it's doing 
is connecting my S/390 processor to its hardware management console.  
However, I've got some PCI TokenRing cards, so I could bridge it.

>    I was wondering that myself, but I've already deleted the email.
> :)
>    Pat, you do know 100Mbps ethernet cards do exist for MCA RS/6000s,
> right?  I have a few of them here.  

Yeah, but they're too expensive.  Purdue seems to only have purchased 
one total.  Just about everything else has FDDI cards or just 10Mbit 
ethernet, so FDDI ended up being my RS/6000 network at home. : )  If 
you want to get rid of a few cards, I wouldn't object...

> Also, is your S/390 actually
> running?  I thought you were still looking for software for it or
> something.

Yeah, it's not yet running, but it's getting closer.  I've got DASD 
(disk) for it now, and all I need is something I can boot from.  I'm 
looking at getting an ESCON channel card for some machine.  PCI ones 
seem easy to come by, but an MCA one would be better/cheaper/more fun.

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