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Dave McGuire mcguire at
Thu Apr 22 21:25:17 CDT 2004

On Apr 22, 2004, at 9:49 PM, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
>>> OK... but what is the proper solution there?
>>> I don't really see how ethernet could have survived without violating
>>> it.
>> I think you just answered your own question.  Long live FDDI!
> I don't think FDDI is a panacae either.

   There is no panacea.  No networking technology is perfect for every 

> I also don't think it ever had a chance against ethernet in the
> marketplace.

   In what marketplace?  It was the mainstay of core networking for a 
long time.  Cisco specifically steered people away from FDDI for what 
seemed to be political reasons, and since (like it or not) Cisco gear 
is the mainstay of core networking, they successfully tanked FDDI.  At 
least, for what people are purchasing new equipment to build.  FDDI 
still moves packets just fine, regardless of what some company's sales 
droids would rather sell you.

> I don't think ethernet is near as bad as its opponents say it is.

   BZZZT.  We can go into details if you like.  I'm not sure you want to 
go down that road tonight, though, because I'm in a really special 

>   Most of them say it cannot do things it does daily.

   Well *I* certainly haven't said that.  It does move data.  For that 
matter, so does Windows...and like Ethernet, it doesn't do it very 


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