[rescue] Indy Presenter

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Thu Apr 22 20:08:46 CDT 2004

   On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Kurt Huhn wrote:

> On Apr 22, 2004, at 4:36 PM, Brooke Gravitt wrote:
> > The Indy Presenter seems to have been swept under the collective rug of
> > the internet.
> >
> > 1) Is the cable unobtanium?
> > 2) Does anyone have any experience making this work with any other 
> > video
> > sources?
> >
> I *really* wish I had one of those.  The cable can be found, but you 
> have to hunt.  I haven't ever seen one attached to anything other than 
> an Indy.

   The controller, as far as I can tell, is pure SGI.  The cable is
a large (I think 68-pin, though I'd need to look at mine) one that
runs from the SGI board to the Presenter panel.  Mine's on an Indy,
but any SGI GIO-capable machine *might* work.

   Some of the Presenters (most?) could have the back of the panel
removed for use on an overhead projector (a special one, if I recall
correctly, with a very high-intensity lamp).  The back-panel on
mine comes off, but in looking _through_ it, I can see why an
insanely bright light-source would be required.  (Then there's the
problem with heat....)

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