[rescue] Mozilla Firefox

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Thu Apr 22 16:31:14 CDT 2004

Thu, 22 Apr 2004 @ 14:26 -0400, Kevin Loch said:

> The disk cache is redundant since the memory cache is still in use.
> On a fast internet connection and a machine without extra fast SCSI
> disk, downloading from the net is noticably faster than fetching from
> disk.  Especially with large caches containing thousands of files.

Unless your machines are *very* slow, this should not be true.

I've supported over 100 users on a single Sun SS5 before, on a very fast
net connection.

> I also believe in the "everything is purged when I exit".  That is why
> I set cookies to expire at end of session too.

Even images and static content used in websites you commonly visit?

> >I don't see any reason why it would use more memory.
> >
> Downloading all that content in the background is certainly going to
> consume resources.  Bandwidth, memory, disk IO (if disk caching is
> enabled).

I don't see your point.  Opening up several windows is effectively
downloading in the background too.

Using tabs should use less memory.

In any case, none of it explains the problem.

> >It is a UI issue: it means that opening a new tab leaves you in your
> >current tab.
> >
> No, even within a single tab accessing lots of large images will
> grow memory usage dramatically.  This is another reason
> to disable background fetching.

I don't follow your logic.  The browser always does background fetching.
You cannot turn that off.

The background option in the configuration dialog only controls wether
or not you are switched to the new tab you just opened.

It has nothing to do with background fetching.

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