[rescue] Mozilla Firefox

Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 patrick at zill.net
Thu Apr 22 16:04:18 CDT 2004

On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 03:51:38PM -0500, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> > I never heard of dtksh so I looked it up.
> >
> > Woah!
> >
> > How much does big blue use it?
> Well, the great thing is that you almost never know, because the result
> looks so much like a C program.  But, the Blue slant on dtksh is
> dtscript, which generates dtksh UI code with point-n-click ease.
> I'm pretty sure that dtksh is common to all CDE platforms, not just AIX.
> It's present on Solaris, anyway.

Yes it is a standard part of CDE, included in the big tarball of
source you get when you license the source code.

The professional programmers I know who looked at some of the CDE
source characterized it as low-quality, summer intern or grad student
work.  Especially in the desktop apps.


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