[rescue] Mozilla Firefox

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Thu Apr 22 12:21:40 CDT 2004

Thu, 22 Apr 2004 @ 00:17 -0400, Kevin Loch said:

> > Go to some site with a lot of pictures, like Bill's computer/geek 
> > stuff,and middle click to open a bunch of tabs.  Watch memory grow 
> > and grow,
> > and never come back.
> FWIW, I turn off disk cache on fast connections (like cable modem)

That seems like an awful waste of bandwidth.

Why would *disk* cache increase RAM?

> and ALWAYS disable open links in background.  That is likely the
> problem you are having.

I don't see any reason why it would use more memory.

It is a UI issue: it means that opening a new tab leaves you in your
current tab.

> My biggest complaint with Mozilla is that almost all of the preferences
> are set wrong by default.
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