[rescue] Mozilla Firefox

Robert Rose rescue at mylighthouse.net
Thu Apr 22 09:10:42 CDT 2004

On 22/04/2004, at 3:08 PM, Dave wrote:
> The fact that most of these people don't know how
> computers *work* exacerbates the problem...how many of these people
> have programmed in assembler?
And don't even get me started on programmers that have no idea how 
networks work.  I've seen code that retrieves one row from a database 
on the other side of the country each time the user tabs from one field 
to another. "No, the database is fine, the server is fine, the peecee 
is fine, maybe you should look at your code?"

> Essentially zero...so they have no idea
> of how much work the computer has to go through to execute the code
> they've written.  People are getting so far away from the actual
> computer that they have no idea how to write code that uses it
> efficiently.  This is a BIG mistake.
One of my university projects was a multi user operating system written 
in 68000 assembler and running in 8k of RAM.  Damn that was fun, I wish 
I still had that code on a disk somewhere.

>   "C sucks because it doesn't have associative arrays!" some
> of these kids scream.  They Just Don't Get It.
And they sure don't want to hear about it either.

Gah! That's enough of a rant for now, I'm going to bed.


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