[rescue] Computer Antiques

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Thu Apr 22 08:51:10 CDT 2004

I was thinking as I was reading the discussions about PC's and the like, that
when computers turn into what people consider "antiques" what's probably 
going to
happen is that the mass market things (where they made thousands and thousands
of them) will have all been simply thrown out and they'll be the things 
that people collect.
The mass market things are the things people remember, and thus, become the 
things that
  that are collected (and the things like the "box" tend to make very big 
differences in $$'s...things
people tended to discard tend to be very important...not quite sure I've 
figured out the mental reasoning
for this yet though...)

Never seems to fail when I've visited Antique places...the really rare 
things either
disappear or end up in museums, and of course are really "priceless," but 
aren't things
most collectors tend to know much about.   (though they of course tend to 
be the more
interesting, innovative, and original ideas and things you wonder why they 
weren't more

And, of course, in our case, instead of being in Museums, the cool "rare" 
things will all be in Dave's
garage doing real work!  8-) 8-)  (couldn't resist....)


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