[rescue] SGI Case

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Thu Apr 22 08:36:27 CDT 2004

As I was unpacking the SGI rack mount case I got for the dual Intel proc 
Acer/SGI motherboard,
thanks to Curt for making the connection!  The setup I have now looks 
fairly similar/close to that
e-bay item which showed the rack mount PC...so perhaps they did make rack 
mount 330's....Anyway,
it struck me that something I value as a "rescuer" (and listening to the 
discussions here)
is the value of good solid engineering.  Now, granted, I wouldn't claim 
that Intel proc's demonstrate
that, but this case had a level of thought to it, and quality of 
construction that I rarely see in a PC
case.  For example, the motherboard mounting posts had a raised edge that 
allow the board to "snap" or
catch in such a way that it felt firmly in place even before I screwed it 
in.   There is room for a "reasonable"
amount of disk.  There are dual fans.  Where screw holes are drilled, their 
drilled not in some sloppy
oval shape (since lots of case manufacturers don't know diddily about 
"tolerances" and mounting point
specs) The openings are set up to REALLY close, and to really attempt to 
maintaining some control
about electronic noise outside the case.

I've gotten use to encountering this in UNIX workstations (ok, not always 
as solid as this, but in general
close to this) so I don't normally sit back and say, "whoever designed 
this, well done guy".   But
last night this case made me appreciate good engineering all over 
again.   But maybe it's just me..

(and hey, the case does look way cool 8-) ...gonna be the thing that gets 
me to go get a rack and start
that high tech computing tower....)


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