[rescue] Mozilla Firefox

ssandau at gwi.net ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Apr 21 16:19:13 CDT 2004

> [Mozilla Firefox]
>>To make this on topic for [rescue], this is a modern browser that is
>>usable on older hardware (I use it as my main browser on my Indy).
> Did you compile it yourself or did you install binarys?
> I compiled Firefox 0.8 on my Indigo2 R10k and after 8 hours of hard
> compile work the resulting binary did only one thing: Generate a core
> dump. Thank you. :-(
> I have pre build binarys from nekochan for Firefox 0.8, but they are
> MIPS4. It runs well on the Octane R12k, but no go on the Indigo R4k4 or
> the Indy R4k6.
> \begin{rant}
> BTW: I still won't call Firefox small and lightweight. Nearly 300 MB of
> source code, 8 hours of compile time on a 195 MHz R10k and it still
> feels "slow" on a 300 MHz R12k with 2 GB RAM. I highly doubt that there
> will come any lightweight food out of the Mozilla kitchen.
> \end{rant}

I believe that there is still a fair amount of debugging code in the 
pre-1.0 versions of firefox. I have a couple of friends/co-workers who 
are waiting for the 1.0 release because it is supposed to be much smaller.

Personally, I think most browsers that are worth anything are too big. 
On my P100 I use Dillo patched for tabs. That's pretty good on an anemic 


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