[rescue] Firmware and Hypersparcs

Torquil MacCorkle, III torquil at chemist.com
Wed Apr 21 08:37:28 CDT 2004

> As I understand it, you should upgrade to 2.25R to allow use of HyperSPARC
CPUs, as well as accomodate 32 Meg DIMMs, not just 16 > & 64 Meg... Based on
what you have in your system & spares box, that may or may not be

Odd, I have 4x32mb sticks in it right now with 2.14.  There isn't some sort
of reverse numbering scheme is there? (I know that 2.9 is older than 2.14)

> Also, are you sure the 40 MHz is not the SBUS or MBUS speed? are you sure
it is the CPU speed?

Well all I see is it saying '@ 40 MHz next to the hypersparc model number.
Can I read into that?

Also, when I have the Hypersparc in, I noticed that the ethernet interface
no longer works.  But when I pop an SM40 in it it works like a charm again.
Maybe it is running with the Hypersparc in some sort of crippled
'compatibility mode'?

Torquil MacCorkle, III
Lexington, Virginia

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