[rescue] sort-of rescue: 2 Dell PowerEdge 1300s (SMP question)

David Lefebvre dlefebvre at northoxfordnet.co.uk
Wed Apr 21 01:39:33 CDT 2004

Regarding the CPUs, just stick another matching one in - I understand the
fastest processor that is officially allowed is an 800MHz PIII. One downside
is a big increase in fan noise though......


ps. I have the Dell 1300 Microprocessor Guide in .pdf format if you need it,
it's about 1Mb in size.

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Today I rescued 2 PowerEdge 1300s.  One is PIII/450, the other a 600.

My question:  I am thinking of running Sol9 on this:

1.  Is SMP supported on Sol9/x86 ?

2.  Is anything special needed from Dell, or do I just stick in
another CPU of the same speed?

3.  Is the PERC2 card supported (I assume so)?

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