[rescue] New G3

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Tue Apr 20 23:38:47 CDT 2004

Eric Webb wrote:

>I just picked up a G3/300with only 128MB (I understand that Macs are 
>RAM-hungry) that seems to boot just fine with the OS 9.2 install that's on it 
>now.  I don't have an ADB keyboard/mouse, and I see no USB ports on this guy, 
>so all I can do is watch it boot.  I guess I'll have to browse the 'bay or 
>stop by CompUSA to find one.
Is this one of the beige desktop or older towers? You can actually put 
in a USB PCI card that will
do the trick. Or even better get a USB / Firewire combo card. Comes in 

>Are there any ADB-to-PS2 adapters out there?
I think those might be more expensive than a USB card. Also if you use a 
regular PC keyboard
there are keys missing. Like the apple key. I have an USB Logitech 
wireless keyboard/mouse
combo that works great.

>Can someone explain the G3/G4/G5 thing to me?  Are these PowerPCs, or 
>Apple-specific derivatives thereof?  How do they compare to the 604e's and 
>the newer Power chips from IBM that I'm familiar with?
>Oh, and why doesn't this thing greet me with the famous Mac startup chimes?
Could be that the audio was set to mute when it got shut down. My mac 
when the audio is on mute
IIRC does not play a chime. It also could be that the speaker is 

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