[rescue] PowerMac recommendations?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Apr 20 22:52:09 CDT 2004

>>Hmmm... Are PC's ever considered "rescue" material?  I mean, I'd get a
>>chubby to find a working Zenith Z-100 or Z-248, but that's for purely
>>personal reasons.  I know that I never shed a tear when I line up my 12
>>gauge and blow the shit out of an x86 box.  
>>Maybe it's just the generic nature of the stuff, but I just don't see it
>>as "classic".  Or is it just me?
> If it is the same as every other "clone", then it would never be "classic" it would be a "commodity", IMHO.
> Now, interesting 4-way designs, odd bus arch., or ground-breaking design/format, that could qualify a box...
> i.e. Compaq "Luggable" - collectible, nearly every other Compaq laptop, not...

I would figure that the Compaq "portable" I have and the IBM 9595 486 
with the MCA bus are worthy. I also have a couple of interesting dual 
IBM pentiums as well. Multiple Pentium Pro machines are kinda cool. 
Beyond that... *shrug*

And, a rescue should probably be older, that cuts out most PIIs anyway...


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