[rescue] Computerfests (was: first real server hardware)

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Tue Apr 20 19:51:41 CDT 2004

On Apr 20, 2004, at 7:46 PM, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> I'm pretty smart, but I have to make the decision between spending time
> on tax code, which might backfire mightily, or spending it on just
> making more money.
> It's a waste of time and shouldn't be necessary.
> I've so far never had a year where itemized deductions helped.
Yeah my tirade was a bit unfair.

I've never had a year where I didn't grab my copy of Turbo Tax Mac and 
click through the wizards... file electronically online and 99% of the 
time get 1000 bucks back because I always withhold 0 and have simple 
taxes.  I file sometime in January the moment after I get all my 
W2's... I get my refund in 2-5 days.  I've never been in business for 
myself... and I don't want to be for a long time.  (The idea of paying 
double social security especially when you only employ yourself is 
ridiculous)... I also don't like selling myself to get work.


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