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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at
Tue Apr 20 18:10:05 CDT 2004

Sat, 17 Apr 2004 @ 17:49 -0400, Andrew Weiss said:

> You're not a part of that equation.  You bust your ass.
> I'm talking about the bulk of upper 6 digit makers and 7 and 8 and nine 
> digit makers who do absolutely nothing.  They are just as guilty of 
> being freeloaders on us taxpayers as those who have next to nothing... 
> and more so because paying taxes at a lower salary hurts a LOT more.

So we punish everyone with a blanket policy?

The tax system is not the place to solve the problem above, and it
doesn't work anyway.

> That doesn't work.  The grand majority of them are that way because 
> some deadbeat knocked them up and left them in the lurch.  

So becoming pregnant and having the father leave causes you to
become crackwhore?  

Just making sure I understand... 

> They sure as hell need help making ends meet.  If that means taking   
> their children fine... but why would you target the women in this     
> case... it's not necessarily their fault ALL the time.                

I don't think the women are targeted... they are just the only ones you
can find.

I *do* think the man should be made responsible, but there are obvious
logistical problems.

Also, unless she was raped, the woman made a conscious choice.

> Why are they on crack... why are 
> they selling their bodies?  They were denied the education to make the 
> right choices and various other services because the greedy decided 
> they didn't want to pay taxes.

Sorry, but that logic doesn't follow.

Their education is not dependent on greedy people not paying taxes.

Our education and welfare system has more than enough money.  What it
doesn't have is people who know how to make good use of it.

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