[rescue] OT Taxes

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Tue Apr 20 18:14:05 CDT 2004

Mon, 19 Apr 2004 @ 13:20 -0400, Kevin Loch said:

> Andrew Weiss wrote:
> >and more so because paying taxes at a lower salary hurts a LOT more.
> Actually being taxed at the same rate hurts the same wether you earn $1 
> or $1million.  As your income increased, did the pain of looking at
> how much tax you paid decrease?   

It does for me.

At my income increases, a lesser and lesser percentage of my money goes
toward sustaining myself, and I have more saved for rainy days.

Of course, I don't go blowing money just because I have it.

I never spend money on anything I can't make use of, toys or otherwise.

Now, if you mean my tax percentage going up as I made more money then
yes that bothers me.  It shouldn't go up as a percentage.

> I'm all for a flat tax rate (except for maybe a deduction for all
> income below the poverty line).  Let all the people feel the same
> pain and maybe all the people will complain as loudly when they see
> government waste those dollars.

I agree.  I would love to see a flat tax rate, with absolutely no
loopholes that cannot be described in a single sentence: 

For example: poverty level wage earners pay no taxes.

If it takes pages to describe, that means it was designed to be worked
around and/or used for political maneuvering, which is not the purpose
of taxation.

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