[rescue] Dave-baiting

Tim H. lists at pellucidar.net
Tue Apr 20 13:27:13 CDT 2004

I know Dave needs no support for his stance on PCs, and unlike in the distant
past I engaged in no Dave-baiting, but his opinion on this was completely

He has experienced the joys of unreliable commodity PC hardware, and he has
worked with real computers.

It isn't like he recommended an unsuitable peice of hardware fo the job, like
a Cray or something, and he didn't try to tell me that a SS2 would handle
streaming full screen video simultaneously in both directions will it filled a
Gb/Second network pipe.

And I didn't say the budget was the ultimate concern. If the budget wasn't
important I'd stick a couple Dual G5s in the closet and pipe my video through
a $1500 video capture card, and my audio out through something with multiple
balance outputs. but on the other hand, if my budget was the primary concern I
would be using an old P2 to do audio and a P3 to capture the video, and be
putting the presentations on a CF card and sticking it right in the projector.

(speaking of which, these projectors are getting quite clever, mine can talk

Anyway, thanks for all your opinions, none of them appeared unreasonable to me.


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