[rescue] PowerMac recommendations?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Tue Apr 20 12:47:38 CDT 2004

On Apr 20, 2004, at 1:32 PM, William Enestvedt wrote:
>> no matter...the "smack Dave down for advising people to stay away
>> from PCs" knee-jerk reaction is almost as strong as my "if you use a
> PC
>> you'll be sorry" knee-jerk reaction.
>    I think people just want to save you from looking like the Unabomber
> to anyone who reads the archives and sees the "ALL THOSE WIIIRES" 
> posts.
> Unless that's part of the plan...?

   You completely lost me here.  The Unabomber was a technical person 
who had a fiber drop running to his next-door neighbor's house and his 
landlord was a Suzie Chapstick technophobe?


Dave McGuire          "PC users only know two 'solutions'...
Cape Coral, FL          reboot and upgrade."    -Jonathan Patschke

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