[rescue] PowerMac recommendations?

Peter L. Wargo pwargo at basenji.com
Tue Apr 20 12:15:27 CDT 2004

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 ed at the7thbeer.com wrote:

> So Mr. Bill, I HAVE to ask - when are you going to officially rename the
> list "pcs_and_linux_rule_all at sunhelp.org?

Dunno.  It is an odd moment when I find myself agreeing with both Dave and
Ed at the same time.  That scares me.

> I really thought this was a 'rescue' list for cool kit, not a place to
> continually expound upon the (nonexistent) virtues of the x86
> architecture.

Hmmm... Are PC's ever considered "rescue" material?  I mean, I'd get a
chubby to find a working Zenith Z-100 or Z-248, but that's for purely
personal reasons.  I know that I never shed a tear when I line up my 12
gauge and blow the shit out of an x86 box.  

Maybe it's just the generic nature of the stuff, but I just don't see it
as "classic".  Or is it just me?


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