[rescue] PowerMac recommendations?

ed at the7thbeer.com ed at the7thbeer.com
Tue Apr 20 11:59:00 CDT 2004

> > we could perhaps use any machine that has USB and a reasonable OS that
> > supports USB audio (which says to me Mac OS X, Linux, or perhaps
> > Solaris).
>    Oh, I forgot.  "Cheaper == better" now.  I'm sorry, I will try to
> remember that in the future.

Of course, Silly Floridian!  That's why the $5 can opener I bought at
Safeway lasted all of about 3 months before it broke, and the $22 'fancy'
can opener I got at a home store, made out of real steel (not pot metal)
still fucking works.  Even as a hammer. ;)

That's also why I can go through $30 PC power supplies at the rate of 3 or
4 a year, but the power supply in my 7 year old G3/MT is still crankin'
along, happy as can be!  Cheaper is Better!

And John Ashcroft is my uncle.

So Mr. Bill, I HAVE to ask - when are you going to officially rename the
list "pcs_and_linux_rule_all at sunhelp.org?

I really thought this was a 'rescue' list for cool kit, not a place to
continually expound upon the (nonexistent) virtues of the x86


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