[rescue] PowerMac recommendations?

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Tue Apr 20 01:13:38 CDT 2004

For cheap good video capture, I have found the Formac Studio DV to be 
really nice. It takes Svideo or Composite in/out and converts it to (or 
from) Firewire. I have captured a two hour show with my PowerBook 
(15.2" 1.25GHz) without problems.

It doesn't look like they sell it anymore (a shame), but their are 
numerous products that are pretty much functionally identical.

I just used iMovie, but their is no reason you couldn't use a better 
applications (Final Cut, etc)

I remember reading a benchmark and the 1.6GHz G5 smoked a dual 1.42GHz 
G4, but the 1.6GHz G5 is really not the best choice, the machine is 
extremely crippled by apple, you would be MUCH better off with a 1.8 
(even a refurbed single 1.8 would be MUCH MUCH better).


On 19-Apr-04, at 10:04 PM, Tim H. wrote:

> This is rescue related only because I am trying to rescue myself from
> using multiple PCs when I think I can accomplish my task with one Mac.
> I am the sound/video guy at my church, and am in the process of
> upgrading capabilities. I want to:
> Play Music (background tracks etc.) MP3,OGG, etc.
> Display Presentation graphics (power-pointish)
> Capture Audio and Video (Svideo and feed from the mixer)
> All simultaneously.  On a budget. (I know, fast, cheap, good, pick two)
> I could do this with a couple PCs, one for output and one for input, 
> but
> I really would prefer to keep the space and noise to a minimum, I sit 
> in
> the back of the sanctuary.
> Since I haven't played with OSX much, and I haven't touched anything
> faster than the 8xxMHz G4 I am using for feasibility study, here are 
> the
> things I don't know.
> Would I be better off with a 1.6GHz G5 or a Dual 1.25GHz G4?
> What is the best sub-$500 method of getting SVideo into a modern Mac?
> Is there an Open Source video capture package?  I am not looking for
> video editing, I have a single PTZ Sony camera mounted in the back of
> the sanctuary, just want to record services.
> I have done some googling, but haven't found much, anybody know about
> any web sites relating to computer video capture in live settings?
> I am in a bit over my head here, the next step is going to represent a
> good chunk of money, and I need to get it right the first time.
> And while I am on the topic, does anybody know a package that can take 
> a
> simple presentation (currently powerpoint, with just song lyrics) and 
> an
> audio track and give me back a mpeg movie?  I would like to get this
> stuff platform neutral, which powerpoint isn't.
> Thanks
> Tim Hauber
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