[rescue] Computer shows in Atlanta...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Mon Apr 19 22:11:08 CDT 2004

Well, there use to be a good auction house over in Roswell (Quality 
Computer Components)
they had at one time a HUGE number of Next boxes (I kick myself for not 
picking one up...but
at the time I saw they were missing RAM and HD, and didn't have outlets for 
either without $$$)
Got a 20inch Sony monitor for $250 in '92, which was, I think, a good deal 
at the time.  Got some
pallets of keyboards and cables for like $5, which I'm still pulling from 
today (though I did toss a bunch
when I just moved...simply didn't have the space for them...)

And then there was Marietta Computer Salvage (which went belly up after 
some stolen parts
were found there...)  Got a couple of Sun Shoeboxes back in early 90 and a 
type 4 keyboard

I just visited a show off 85 (like 2 weekends ago) after moving here to 
Alpharetta.  Blah!  There
was only one guy who had anything "interesting" and that was the guy with 
all the cables...(had
some Sun cables though ridiculously priced...) It was similar to the 
Marietta one...mostly PC
(but that's where I got my SGI Intel based dual processor board...with 
case, thanks to Curt
in transit...woo hoo...)   Theo at the Marietta show sometimes brings Sun 
stuff....got like 4 or
5 20inch monitors from him last year there...(though, I did call him first, 
and have him bring
the specially...)  We all probably brushed by each other at one point...(we 
should get Sun
Rescue T-Shirts or something...8-) )

I've tried contacting GT and UGA to find out where they surplus 
stuff...with no luck so far.
I did find a place in Athens where I got my 3/140 (though I found them via 
E-Bay....and just
realized afterwards they were local...)  They had a ton of Mac stuff...but 
sadly, last time I
tried to call, the ph# was disconnected....

If anybody finds something in this area, please post, I'd love to find a 
new computer "junk"
(as my wife calls it) store...though she doesn't mind me having it, as long 
as it stays
"somewhat" contained to my office or the garage....


>Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 23:41:53 -0400
>From: "Todd Killingsworth" <tkilling at mindspring.com>
>Subject: RE: [rescue] Finding hardware that needs rescuing...  Re: TCF
>Yeah, the Cobb computer shows are nothing but vanilla PC.
>There HAS to be better hunting grounds here in GA...
>Around Atlanta we have Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Lockheed Martin, Dobbins
>AFB, Warner Robbins, State of Georgia, and a lot of companies that went
>belly up during dot-bomb days (i.e. iXL)
>But I've not been able to find anything out about surplus sales or auctions
>locally outside of GSA or Dovebid.  Seems like Alltel has been selling off a
>lot in the past year though.
>Todd Killingsworth
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> > OK, so is there anything like this in GA, AL, or TN? I know we have a big
> > "computer show" at the Ga World Congress Center & at the Marietta
> > Convention Center, but those are 99.9% Pee Cee.
>*barf*  Been there once or twice.  Picked up a complete SS5/170 with QFE
>card in it for $10-15, I think.  But otherwise, it's junk.  It's possible we
>even brushed past each other without knowing ;)
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