[rescue] PowerMac recommendations?

Tim H. lists at pellucidar.net
Mon Apr 19 22:04:55 CDT 2004

This is rescue related only because I am trying to rescue myself from
using multiple PCs when I think I can accomplish my task with one Mac.

I am the sound/video guy at my church, and am in the process of
upgrading capabilities. I want to:

Play Music (background tracks etc.) MP3,OGG, etc.
Display Presentation graphics (power-pointish)
Capture Audio and Video (Svideo and feed from the mixer)

All simultaneously.  On a budget. (I know, fast, cheap, good, pick two)

I could do this with a couple PCs, one for output and one for input, but
I really would prefer to keep the space and noise to a minimum, I sit in
the back of the sanctuary.

Since I haven't played with OSX much, and I haven't touched anything
faster than the 8xxMHz G4 I am using for feasibility study, here are the
things I don't know.

Would I be better off with a 1.6GHz G5 or a Dual 1.25GHz G4?
What is the best sub-$500 method of getting SVideo into a modern Mac?
Is there an Open Source video capture package?  I am not looking for
video editing, I have a single PTZ Sony camera mounted in the back of
the sanctuary, just want to record services.

I have done some googling, but haven't found much, anybody know about
any web sites relating to computer video capture in live settings?

I am in a bit over my head here, the next step is going to represent a
good chunk of money, and I need to get it right the first time.

And while I am on the topic, does anybody know a package that can take a
simple presentation (currently powerpoint, with just song lyrics) and an
audio track and give me back a mpeg movie?  I would like to get this
stuff platform neutral, which powerpoint isn't.

Tim Hauber

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